AJ's is a small, mail-order, family owned and operated business with distributing centers located throughout the globe. Our headquarters is located in a small town on the South Shore, also known as the "Maritimes" in Nova Scotia, Canada.

AJ's specializes in Adult products but we also carry a wide selection of non-adult products such as shoes, handbags, necklaces, earrings, clothing etc. AJ's has two eCRATER stores, Adult and Non-Adult versions, so EVERYONE can enjoy the benefits of AJ's.

ajsadultgiftstore.ecrater.com &

AJ's only sells 100% truly authentic brands that are not readily available in local department stores and always 100% brand new.

We are a new store on eCRATER but rest assured we are not 'New' at online retail.
AJ's has been selling products for about 6 years now and 3 of these years was online with Go Daddy's Marketplace, until they recently closed in January 2011.

A small percentage of AJ's proceeds is donated towards disabled members of our communities.

AJ's is proud to be part of the eCRATER community.


The reason AJ started AJ's Gift Stores is we were and are shoppers too and never did we receive the expected courtesy one would expect with online retail.

There are so many online shops that only care that you place an order it's ridiculous. For instance: prior to making any type of purchase we inquire about anything and everything about the potential purchase. If we are satisfied with their moral we make a purchase simple as that.

Just recently we had an online shop reply and state to us: "you are out of line asking those questions...your questions do not pertain to me....can I take your order now please". The question we asked was, "are they authentic legit brands or do you make them yourselves?". We never replied nor made a purchase.

We, ourselves research many online shops before making a purchase but usually never return to make a second.

We at AJ's guarantee that you will enjoy spending your money with us.

We remain professional and polite no matter what and we believe no questions are stupid.

We appreciate it very much that you even took the time to browse our merchandise.

OUR ECRATER STORE has opened earlier then we had hoped just so our lovely repeat customers and new customers can enjoy browsing and watching us rebuild our stores.

We take due care in posting all of our merchandise, with simple simplicity so ALL shoppers alike can enjoy a much more easier and pleasant shopping experience.

While you watch us work out the bugs, we hope you enjoy the time you have spent in our shops.

AJ's Management Team :)